A Premier city rich in human and natural resources, reponsive to the needs of its constituents and the promotion of ecological balance, reinforced by its core competencies as an agro-industrial and logistical hub, capitalizing on the improved infrastructure, characterized by its diverse culture of dignified God-loving people living together in an atmosphere of trust and unity, driven and emanating from the principles and ideals of dynamic and great Tarlaqueno leaders.


To provide effective and efficient public service in pursuit of excellence by empowering Tarlaquenos to be more active partners in ensuring political, social, cultural, ecological, spiritual and economic development for a better quality of life harmony with God, man and nature.


Tarlac City, officially the City of Tarlac is a 1st class component city and capital of the province of Tarlac. Tarlac City’s history may be likened to the History of Tarlac Province itself Through the years, Tarlac City, formerly known as Tarlac town, has survived natural and political crises among others, yet, has proven itself as a fast emerging cosmopolitan in the region. It was formally founded in 1788. It has been said that this town was formerly a part of Porac, Pampanga. 

Tarlac City started out as the earliest native settlement occupied by the Spaniards during the Spanish Period. Tarlac was organized into a praesido (fort) as early as 1593 and was located in a sitio called Porac. By 1788, Tarlac was raised into a civil town independent of Porac. 

 Its early settlers came from Bacolor, Pampanga, among them were Don Carlos Miguel and Don Narciso Castaneda, who before 1788, with their families and followers trekked through the forests and hills of Porac and Bamban until they finally reached and settled down in what is today called Tarlac City. Later, the community was converted into a town in which Don Carlos Miguel prepared and forwarded the resolution to the Spanish authorities.

The first gobernadorcillo (later called municipal) was Don Carlos Miguel in 1788. Together with Don Narciso Castaneda, he established the foundation of Tarlac town. Don Luis Briones in 1789 followed him.