Agenda 1

Institutionalization of accountable, efficient, pro-active and disciplined, local fiscal management.

Agenda 2

Promotion of Business-Friendly environment to spur local economic development.

Agenda 3

Purposive promotion of sustainable management of the environment; climate change adaptation and disaster preparedness.

Agenda 4

Better access to affordable and quality health care and other social protection services for the poor and marginalized Tarlaqueño.

Agenda 5

Enhanced access to quality education for poor but deserving students.

Agenda 6

Improved transport and traffic management in the City.

Agenda 7

Robust and mutually reinforcing collaboration with the private and third sectors to promote development.

Agenda 8

Strategic enhancement of the labor force/human resource in the City of Tarlac.

Agenda 9

Heightened campaign against criminality and illegal drugs.

Agenda 10

Accelerate support for the agricultural sector, cooperatives, small cottage and medium enterprises to ensure food security, increased incomes, higher productivity; and poverty reduction.

Agenda 11

Decent, durable and climate-proof shelter for the homeless and informal settlers.

Agenda 12

Enhanced physical/infrastructure development in the City of Tarlac.