23 thoughts on “GOOD NEWS! RFID STICKERS LOADING and INSTALLATION will open on OCTOBER 16, 23 and 30 from 9:00am to 5:00pm at Uniwide Common Terminal.

  1. I already have an rfid however it has difficulty being read in all tolls, can I have it reinstalled but the same account? I still have a balance on my rfid. Thank you for your prompt reply.

      1. Easytrip RFID forms lang po available.ibig sabihin po ba hindi kasama ang Autosweep RFID sa iinstall sa mga araw na to sa may Uniwide Terminal?

  2. Point of clarification po… I already have a rfid sticker on my vehicle, my inquiry is.. do I have to replace and install the new rfid sticker?

  3. Good day! Is there an online registration ahead? How about the previous easy trip account balance, can I transfer to RFID? Thank you.

  4. Good afternoon how much is the cost?Is it like pre-paid load?or not? What if you’re not using any of the expressway in a month,does the remaining balanced expired/forfeited?Where we are going to buy load?

  5. Good day po! Do we still need to bring other documents aside from the form (e.g. or, cr, driver’s permit, etc.) po? Thank you!

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