(Open for all professional and amateur composers of Tarlac City)
Prize: P30,000.00

I. Mechanics:
– Each songwriter / collaboration of songwriters (lyricist / composer) may submit 1 to 2 entries.
– The song should be written in Filipino.
– The song must not exceed 4 minutes and 30 seconds in length, including intro and extro.
– The song should be recorded and interpreted well and pre-arranged.
– The song should contain a message on festivity, Saint Sebastian, unity of the different sectors and all brgys, discipline and strength in unity

Each entry must include the following:
– Fully accomplished entry form (to be ontained from Tarlac City Information Office) with original signature and 2×2 ID photo of songwriter/s
– 3 copies of typewritten lyrics with the title of the song.
– Songwriter/s must submit a hard copy of the song in CD and / or USB.

Submission of song entries: All of the above requirements must be placed in a brown envelope and hand carry it to: Tarlac City Information Office, 2nd Floor Tarlac City Hall, Hilario St. Brgy. Ligtasan Tarlac City

II. Criteria for Judging:

– Theme and cohesive idea
– Originality and creativity
– Style, technique, and skill

B. LYRICS – 30%
– Message, appropriateness to theme.
– Clarity

C. MUSIC and MELODY – 30%
– Keeps the listeners interested and engaged.
– The song must be catchy.
– The song must have recall (lyrical hook that stands out)
– Festival – like type of music.

D. Overall Appeal – 10%
– Material should be suitable for recording and must have a commercial potential.

E. Law on Intellectual Property Rights apply

December 15, 2019 (Last day of submission of entries)

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