This date marks the 1,198 DAYS OF GOOD GOVERNANCE under her Administration which is very well exemplified in the various services and programs that gave much-deserved priority to Tarlaqueños’ welfare.

Various organizations, groups, leaders and individuals witnessed this momentous event. An audio-visual presentation fully illustrated how much have the Angeles Administration accomplished since the first term of Mayor Cristy. This feat is evidently manifested by the Angeles Administration’s Fiscal Milestones, among which were the cancellation of anomalous contracts that burdened the City Government of Tarlac, boost in capital investments and increase in collection from economic enterprises. Also highlighted was how Mayor Cristy made history by having the City Government of Tarlac recommended the Conferment of the Seal of Good Local Governance by the Department of Interior and Local Government after having passed the rigorous national validation. This is the first time for Tarlac City to receive a highly-acclaimed commendation.

The First Lady Mayor also took this event to recognize and thank the Honorable Senators who supported the City Government in the funding of various services programs and infrastructure projects in the city.

During her speech, Mayor Cristy presented an innovation that promises to provide ease in doing business such as the computerization of frontline services under the Business Permits and Licensing Division, intensified business tax collection efforts, and the newest investments that came in the city. The efficient and clean fiscal management of Mayor Cristy gained for the City Government a positive cash position as compared to the negative cash position that the City Government inherited from the previous administration. Because of this, there are sufficient resources from which come the services delivered to Tarlaqueños such as the 17-in-1 Angel Care Program and enhanced City Government employees’ benefits, among others.

Mayor Cristy also thanked the various groups and individuals who actively gave their cooperation in the Angel Clean Up Drive and stated the many efforts of the city government in maintaining a Clean Tarlac City. She also thanked the personalities who gave support through lot donations and funding assistance, the Department Heads who are truly dedicated in their respective responsibilities, and specially the Sangguniang Panlungsod who has always been one with the City Government in working under an honest and caring leadership.

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